Barking Dogs or Irritated Men

Barking Dogs or Irritated Men.

Even dogs don’t bark in public, so why do some of us find it normal to bark when angry in public?
Justified anger is what you see in a kitten who puffs up to fight a bull dog.
Anger is stupid pride.
Anger forgets its height.
Anger is funny, so you say funny things.
Anger over what? What is in the world that is ours?
Who told us that that money stolen from us is ours?
Who told us that the car which was scratched by the other car is ours?
Who told us that the tooth brush we used yesterday which we saw our junior brother using is ours?
Who told us that the face that got slapped is ours?
Who told us we own anything at all in this world?
Who? Who? Who are we?
Our anger is so funny.
Angry people don’t know what is happening to them.
Anger is funny. Hahaha
Next time you feel angry, laugh at yourself.
You are a fool. A funny fool! Hahahaha


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